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About our courses:

QMed has taught literature searching and reference management since 2008 April. We have delivered lectures and conducted workshops. Over a span of time, we have had requests to put up our courses online, so that we could reach out to a large number. Spreading our knowledge is our mission and we got our first course online in May 2018, and in September 2019 we added two more courses. During the lockdown we restructured the courses (especially to include the “new PubMed) and got them up and ready in June 2020.

Why are our courses important?

  1. Medical practice evolves with research
  2. Literature search is the foundation of research
  3. If the foundation is weak, the research is weak
  4. Weak results do not contribute to evidence
  5. Good research -a must for evidence based practice

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Some testimonials for our online courses

  • The topic was simplified and covered in small videos making it easy to finish. It was very smoothly explained. Dr Komal Bhombe-PG-Student, Sharad Pawar Dental College. Testimonial for: Information Resources and Literature Searching
  • The formulation of course is excellent and it was a great learning experience because of the lucid presentation by the faculty. Manisha Kar- AIIMS, Bhubaneshwar. Testimonial for: Mastering PubMed
  • The course is very engrossing. The whole course is a great learning experience because of excellent deliberation by the faculty.Manisha Kar- AIIMS, Bhubaneshwar. Testimonial for: Reference Management with Mendeley

Current Courses:
  • Information Resources & Literature Searching
  • Mastering PubMed
  • Reference Management with Mendeley

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Support our courses

QMed Knowledge Foundation has a small team that has produced very useful courses. We need support to keep them updated and to add new courses.

Please visit www.qmed.ngo/donate-dm and donate to one or more of our online course related options. (Not the “General Fund” option).

Once you donate, please write and let us know if you could help us in any other way for spreading our mission. In case you would like to get access to the courses do write to us. You could use the comments option that appear when you fill your details, or you could write to us at info@qmed.ngo . We will activate access once we hear from you.

Thank you for choosing to donate – you become a part of our mission to spread our skills and help advance medical research and practice!

Institutional access to our courses:

The Medical Council of India’s document – “Competency based undergraduate curriculum for the Indian Medical Graduate” specifies in 3.4.4:

“Demonstrate ability to search (including through electronic means), and critically evaluate the medical literature and apply the information in the care of the patient”

Source: https://www.mciindia.org/CMS/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/UG-Curriculum-Vol-III.pdf

These skills are rarely taught systematically in the curriculum and we wish to help spread these skills. So we wish to reach all institutions in India and request each one to provide access to all their students, residents, faculty, and healthcare professionals. We believe that with large numbers of institutions taking access, we can keep the costs low. This is a win-win for all. Here are our annual rates for institutional access:

  • Educational Institutions : Rs 40,000/-
  • Hospitals: Rs. 25,000/-
  • Small institutions - Rs. 15,000

GST will be added as applicable at the time of invoicing (Currently it is 18%)

Do send us an email - info@qmed.ngo to learn more about registering for access.

The above rates are for educational / research institutions / hospitals in India.

Pharmaceutical companies in India, please write to us to know about access charges for corporates. We also welcome your support towards our initiative

Individuals and Institutions outside India, do write to us for information about accessing our courses

Future courses planned:
  • Searching the Cochrane Library
  • Reference Management with Zotero
  • And more

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